Childhood Emotional Neglect


Most parents plan for the birth of a child with excitement, and attempt to provide the safest, healthiest home possible. What we don't plan for as parents are our automatic reactions to our offspring, which are often overreactive and inadvertently emotionally neglectful. I hesitate to admit that I unwittingly fall into this category. I always had a sense that I was missing something, but struggled to figure out what that was. 

As an adult, I sometimes found myself feeling empty and insecure, frustrated with myself and my choices, and my relationships were often affected negatively as well. Poor self-discipline, anger, guilt, shame, and lack of self nurturance are also trademarks of this dynamic. Discovering that I was a product of Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) was quite an epiphany. That doesn't mean I had "bad" parents or that I am a bad parent, it just means that I now have a roadmap for overcoming some childhood hurts that followed me into adulthood. 

The beautiful thing about this knowledge is that it is fixable! I have a passion for those that didn't get what they needed emotionally growing up; counseling is a great way to overcome those challenges, and I would love to walk that journey with you. I have been there and found healing on the other is freeing and life changing. If this resonates for you, call me and begin your journey toward wholeness today!

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